Friday, October 12, 2012

DAY 15: Tallahassee, Rosemary Beach, and Pensacola, FL

Sunday, October 7th, 2012: Tallahassee, Rosemary Beach, and Pensacola, FL

We woke up at my cousins house to the roosters crowing around 4am but still managed to lay around in bed til 8ish.  After hanging out and eating breakfast with everyone, we were on our way (although we would have been completely content staying there for a few more peaceful and beautiful there!).

We decided to stop in Tallahassee even though it wasn't an original planned stop on our itinerary.  FSU is located there, so we thought we might be able to find some sort of food truck.  It was a Sunday though and pretty quiet everywhere, so we basically gave up and started to head out of town.

Lucky us, we found a food truck parked just on the outskirts of town called 'King's BBQ!'  I was skeptical since all it advertised on the outside was for BBQ, ribs, pork, etc. (nothing I like), but Mitch was super pumped about it!

King's BBQ

Two for one pulled pork sammy's!

King's menu.

Rib Snack Sandwich

Yellow Rice


What we ordered:
Rib Snack Sandwich
Large order of fries
Side of yellow rice

Total (with tip) = $15

Mike, the owner, was SO nice.  We told him about our road trip and he let us take a bunch of pictures of him.  He even gave us a free 'King's BBQ' knit hat and visor AND 2 pieces of cake!  Thanks Mike!  Mitch decided that he definitely lived up to his title of 'King of BBQ' as he was hunched over the hood of the Jeep, eating ribs and wiping his BBQ sauce covered face with his t-shirt.  Even the fries were delicious!

Mike, the King of BBQ.

Mike and Mitch by the smoker.

He was SO excited.

After Tallahassee, we made our way towards Panama City in the Florida panhandle.  We were headed to a small beach community called Rosemary Beach to visit Mitch's family friends, the Keepman family.  They had just recently bought a house there, so we wanted to make sure we stopped to see them.

Mitch and Ryan, lifelong friends.

We ended up staying for several hours and had a blast.  They even fed us dinner (chili for Mitch, crackers/hummus/snacks and wine for me)!  They offered to let us stay with them, but we had already made a non-refundable reservation at a campsite in Pensacola, so we decided to stick with our plan :(

Charlie's chili and some snacks.

The Keepmans - Charlie, Ricki, Harrison, Scottie, Ryan, Sammi Bell, Mitch and I.

It got to be pretty late, so we started our drive to the KOA in Pensacola, FL - about an hour and a half west of Rosemary Beach.  I'm not too sure how we stayed awake for that drive, but we eventually got there and passed out immediately.

Food truck spending: $15 (under budget)

Day 15 Spending:
Food trucks: $15
Gas $148
Campground: $35

Total: $198 (under budget!)

Leftover from our $6000 budget:  $3612.50

Mitch and Laurel

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