Monday, October 1, 2012

DAY 8: Savannah & Tybee Island, GA, Jacksonville, & Bonita Springs, FL

DAY 8: Sunday, September 30th, 2012 - Savannah and Tybee Island, GA, Jacksonville (kind-of), and Bonita Springs, FL

We decided to check out Tybee Island, a small beach community just east of Savannah in the Atlantic Ocean.  After driving through Savannah first, we discovered that parking was (surprise, surprise!) very difficult.  Tybee was about a 25 minute drive from where our campground was, but was definitely worth the out-of-way drive!  The beach was amazing!  This will for-sure be a place for us to come back to some day.

The tide was waaaay out.

Atlantic Ocean

Kingsley's first time in the ocean :) Clearly, he loved it.  He just ran back and forth.

As we drove around Tybee Island, we only found one food "truck"... which was really a food truck converted into a stationary outdoor restaurant.  Regardless, we considered it to be a food truck and decided to stop and eat.

Gerald's Pork & Shrimp "Food Truck"  - Tybee Island, GA

That's Gerald!

What we ordered:
Shrimp Po-Boy
Oyster Po-Boy
Fried Okra
Iced Tea

Total: $23 (with tip)

Oyster Po-Boy

Shrimp Po-Boy

Fried Okra

The Po-Boy sandwiches were the specialty of the house, so it was very easy to decide what to order. They were delicious!  Plus, the cole slaw had capers in it, so I was happy.  Also, the bread was really good.  I always find that the bread can make or break a sandwich.  Mitch liked it so much that he ate it so fast and forgot to put the homemade house mango hot sauce on!  Mitch never forgets to put hot sauce on anything! 

(Side note - Shout out to my friend Janessa for the suggestion that Mitch and I should explain what we did or didn't like about the food we eat at the food trucks.  Thanks for the advice!  I will do this from now on.)

The only thing I would change about the meal would be to have some sort of dipping sauce with the fried okra - although they were delicious by themselves!  Gerald, the owner, was very nice and talked to us for a while about our trip and about how his business came to be on Tybee Island.  We will definitely be back to eat here some day.

Another side note - here is a cute picture of Kingsley and how he is choosing to situate himself while riding in the car:

He's totally sleeping in this picture!  Not quite sure how this is comfortable for him...

I should probably also mention another tidbit about our trip to Tybee Island - we got pulled over by the local cops.  We didn't have license plates displayed on the camper, so the cops were very curious as to what two Wisconsinites were doing on a tiny island in Georgia pulling a bright blue vintage camper.  We even let them look inside the camper after one them asked about 'any dead bodies back there' or something to that tune.  

After showing them the camper and Mitch winning them over (as Mitch does), they let us be on our way.  One of them even let me take a picture of him...

Mitch and the Tybee Island cop.

After all that excitement, we drove through Savannah a bit more.  We had every intention of parking the camper and walking around, but it got to be too late.  We knew we had an 8 hour drive to Bonita Springs, FL ahead of us and it was about 3pm already.  Savannah was a very cool city, so we're excited to go back there some day when we have more time to explore.

When we were about a half hour outside of Jacksonville, FL, I decided to search for food trucks there just to see what we could work with.  It turns out that there was a Jaguar/Bengals game going on in town that supposedly had food trucks/stands at it, so we optimistically decided to check it out.  

Jaguars Stadium

I'll just go ahead and say that this was the WORST idea I've had the entire trip.  I have nothing much to say about Jacksonville (I'm sure it's a fine city) except that there were homeless people everywhere, there were no interesting sights to see, and the only 'food' we could find near the stadium was a sad-looking hot dog stand in a run-down gravel parking lot.  

After cursing ourselves for wasting an hour searching for the stadium and then driving around it like idiots, we got STUCK ON A DEAD-END ROAD with a CAMPER.  Mitch was a champ though and really proved that his trailer towing skills are getting better every day.  He managed to back out of the dead-end road without hitting anything or losing his cool.  Once we were out, we decided to get out of Jacksonville ASAP.

We drove the rest of the way to Bonita Springs on the Georgia Peach (as Mitch calls it...more commonly called the 'scenic route'), and made to to our condo around midnight.  We're going to take the day off from eating at food trucks tomorrow and just relax at the pool and cook meals at the condo.  Plus we have to take Kingsley to the dog boarding facility in Naples in the morning - no dogs allowed at the condo :(

Day 8 Food Truck Spending: $23 (under budget)

Spending for Day 8:

Gas:  $182
Boiled Peanuts (Mitch's favorite in the South): $3.50
Food Truck food: $23

TOTAL: $208.50 (over budget)

Leftover from our $6000 budget:  $4507.50  

More soon!
Mitch and Laurel


  1. Those Po Boys look delish... Jacksonville does not.

  2. The other thing thats interesting is the East Village part of it. Food Truck Catering