Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DAYS 11 - 14: Yes, we're still at Bonita Beach

Wednesday, October 3rd - Saturday, October 6th, 2012: Bonita Beach, FL

Sorry for the delay in posts!  We didn't have internet these past couple days.  Lots more to come this week!

Wednesday 10/3

We had heard about a dog beach down the street near our condo, so we decided to pick up Kingsley from the dog kennel for the afternoon and take him there.  Mitch made some breakfast and we were off the dog beach.

Breakfast: Grits with leftover veg/tofu stew (with an egg for Mitch) and toast.

Dog Beach

Frisbee master

This place was awesome!  There were probably 25 other people there with every king of dog you can imagine.  Kingsley got lots of frisbee and hump time in, so he was happy.

Later, we drove to Ft. Myers Beach hoping to find some food trucks or street vendors, but found nothing.  We stopped at a produce stand, an ice cream stand, and a fish market off the island though, so we still got our fix.

Produce stand in Ft. Myers.

Pickin' out the good stuff.

What we got:

Total: $10

Kingsley gettin' in on some Mint Chip.

What we got:
Mint Chip cone
Mango Sorbet slushie

Total (with tip): $10

Fresh fishies.

Beach Seafood Market - Ft. Myers

What we got:
1# of grouper
1# of medium shrimp

Total: $21

Dinner at the condo was 'Gulf of Mexico Bouillabaisse' - grouper, shrimp, saffron, seafood stock, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and pasta with crusty bread.

Food Truck Spending: $41 (over budget)

Total Spending: $41 (under budget)

Thursday 10/4

Thursday was another lazy day by the pool/ocean, reading and drinking Bloody Mary's.  We didn't prepare any food at home because we made plans to meet Mitch's grandma (we call her Nonnie) for dinner in Lehigh Acres, FL where she lives.  It was about a 45 minute drive from where we were staying.

Nonnie took us to a place called 'Beef o'Brady's' which (I think) is a chain restaurant in the south.  It was very good!

Ribs n' Chicken

Fish n' Chips

Nonnie, Mitch and Laurel at Nonnie's house.

What we got:
Fish and Chips
Ribs and Chicken Tenders

Dinner was Nonnie's treat which was very generous of her!  After dinner, we went back to her house to hang out with her and her boyfriend, Jim.  The best part is when she pulled out all the old photo albums with pictures of Mitch when he was a kid!

Some of my favorites:

Mitch.  Stud.  Same haircut today.

Mitch.  Stud.  Bleached mullet with the sides shaved.

Mitch.  Chef-in-training.  Stretching some pizza dough.

Mitch's mama.  Beautiful Debi as a teenager.

Food Truck Spending: $0 (under budget)

Total Spending:
Target (more sunscreen, tooth ache medicine for Mitch, nail polish, Twizzlers): $31
Gas: $65

Total: $96 (under budget)

Friday 10/5

Friday was another lazy day by the pool (poor ol' us, I know)....

At night, I did some homework, then decided to color my blond hair with a box of brown hair dye.   Not ideal, but desperate times call for desperate measures!  There's no time for blond highlight up-keep on this trip!  Good thing I like being a brunette :)

Mitch did weird 'Mitch' things (including harvesting, straining, drying out, and separating seeds into envelopes from all of the tomatoes and peppers we had brought along from his garden at home ... the things that keep him entertained are beyond me....).

Then we packed up the car/camper so we could leave early the next morning.

Friday breakfast - grits and veggies, Pellegrino and coffee on the patio.

Our condo - Seascape on Little Hickory Island

Food Truck Spendng: $0 (under budget)

Total Spending:
Walgreens (brown hair color, envelopes for Mitch's seeds): $19

Total: $19 (under budget)

New posts coming soon from:

Morriston, FL
Rosemary Beach, FL
Pensacola, FL
Mobile, AL
Gulfport, MS
New Orleans
Lafayette, LA

Yeah!  So excited for what's still to come!

Mitch and Laurel

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