Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DAYS 8 - 14: Bonita Beach, FL

DAYS 8 - 14: Sunday, September 30th - Saturday, October 6th - Bonita Beach, FL

Mitch and I are taking a few days off before we're back on the road eating ONLY at food trucks across the US!  Which means only home-cooked meals from our condo and plenty of wave-jumping in the Gulf of Mexico (and sunburns on my part).

We are having such a good time doing absolutely NOTHING!  I think we're going to go to Miami for the day tomorrow (Thursday) to check out the food truck scene there.  Also, Mitch's grandma (Nonnie) lives nearby in Lehigh, FL, so we're going to spend Thursday night with her and have dinner at her house.  She is an amazing cook - she's the first person to teach Mitch how to cook!

Here are some of the meals we've cooked so far:

Monday Night (made by Mitch):
Homemade vegan pizza (caramelized onions, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, peppers and tofutti cream cheese) and Campari cocktails.

Tuesday Night (made by me):
Homemade vegan stew with couscous (roasted potatoes and peppers, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, vegetable stock, and tofu), beer, and Campari cocktails.

Bloody Mary's for the pool.

Books and Bloody's.

Pool with a view.  The weather has been perfect so far!

Shells everywhere.

Bonita Beach is so quiet and beautiful.  Thank you again to Scott Bryer for extending his lovely beach front condo to us this week that he so generously gifted to us a wedding gift!

DAY 9 - 10 Food Truck Spending: $0 (obviously under budget)

Spending for Day 9 - 10:

Target (we didn't pack swimsuits (?!) and Mitch's favorite boots got holes in the bottoms, so we had to stock up on those things, plus sunscreen, a new car phone charger, and some books): $131

Walgreens (shipping boxes, tape, and bubble wrap for some items I sold on eBay): $14

Post Office expenses (2-day shipping for eBay items): $31

TOTAL for 2 days:  $176 (way under budget!)

Mitch and Laurel

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